A buyers agent is a licenced real estate agent, specialising in securing properties for investors. We act exclusively for the buyer.

Buy Right Buyers Agent specialises in helping investors build a property portfolio. I have been investing in property since 2005. I became a Buyers Agent in 2011, having previously been a lawyer for 10 years.


We discuss your goals, plans & strategy to achieve those based on your individual circumstances.

This is crucial to your success as an investor.

Research & Locate

We locate potential properties that suit your strategy and budget.

We reduce the stress and frustration of searching for the right property.


We have a wealth of experience in negotiation, ensuring you get the property at the right price and the right conditions.


We help empower you to make the right decisions by teaching many of the fundamentals of property investing.

Christine Rutledge

Licence 1576805

‘Knowledge + Action = Power’
I get a kick out of teaching clients the fundamentals of property investing, motivating them & empowering them to take the first step.

Christine Rutledge