As a buyers agent I essentially assist investors or purchasers of homes, with sourcing properties and negotiating the purchase price, for those who do not have the knowledge of the property market and/or the time to search.

My service includes the following:

  1. Meeting with you/phone conference to ascertain your property investment strategy.
  2. Following receipt of Buyers Agency Agreement (required by legislation to be signed prior to my acting on your behalf) begin searching for your investment property.
  3. Search through various sources (internet, local agents and contacts) for properties to match your criteria.
  4. Analyse properties – features of individual property (construction, no. Bedrooms, garaging, etc), condition of property (original, renovation required, renovated etc), proximity of property to facilities, infrastructure etc,
  5. Compare property to others on the market and recent sales of like properties (or if none, closest inferior or superior property).  Each suburb can be divided into different areas and the comparables are similar properties in similar areas so that they are the closest indicators of market price.
  6. 4 and 5 conducted via internet search, speaking to sales agent, viewing property, utilising data sites such as RPData and market knowledge
  7. Further analysis of individual property – information obtained from RPData and other sources including the time the property has been on the market, previous purchase price, CMA, etc that are of assistance with the negotiation process.
  8. Present a Property Profile for each individual property that appears to match most of the client’s requirements (including the above information on features, comparable sales information, comparable listed properties and statistics on the LGA)
  9. If a property is deemed appropriate, commence the negotiation process.
  10. When a property is secured, liaising with the conveyancer/solicitor and real estate agent from exchange through until settlement.
  11. Prior to settlement, attending property with client for final inspection
  12. Providing details of other experts to assist with the purchasing process including pest/building experts
  13. Essentially I walk with you through the buying process from beginning to end and beyond

Other Services Available

If you don’t require the full service, we can assist with auction bidding, negotiating on a particular property or properties, or conduct a property evaluation.  Chat to us now about the option that best suits you