If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur….

Tracey, is on the Buyers side, not the sellers, a Real Estate Agent selling a property will charge a commission, the more they achieve for the property, the more commission they get, it’s an incentive, it is the other way around for the buying process, Tracey buys property for her clients at the lowest possible price, hence the sliding scale with fees,  as Tracey does not want her clients to ever worry that she is not trying hard enough to get the absolute lowest price for a property, due to a potential lowering of any commission/success fee – so Tracey works on a sliding scale, depending on the price of the property, so everyone knows upfront exactly where they are with fixed fees.

The following is how fees are structured.

Engagement Fee

A small engagement/commitment fee is charged up front, this fee enables the process to begin of finding you your new property, our agency agreement last until your perfect property has been found, there is no time limit.


Success Fee

The success fee is only payable once the property goes under contract, this is additional to the initial engagement fee – This is a fixed fee based on a sliding scale of the total purchase cost.

To obtain more information about the success fee, as this is confidential, please either call 0416 100 839 or email via the contact page.