Engaging the “Full Property Search” Package – means all you have to do is sit back and relax.

With this package, Tracey handles everything – From finding your property right through to completion.

1. Initial MeetingHome Evaluation - Buyers Agent Sydney

We first speak on the phone to make sure your brief is realistic, also Tracey only takes on one client at a time with the same brief, so you are always exclusive, there is never a conflict of interest with another client wanting the same property, making sure you are finance approved, ready to go – after a phone conversation, a meeting in your home or office at a time convenient to you can be arranged, if you are happy to proceed during the meeting, a detailed brief is obtained to get your exact requirements – everything is covered from budget, type of house, location, schools, work and much more.

2. Research/Property Search

Now your brief is complete, the search is on, properties are now short listed  from our extensive search, from private and silent listings to advertised properties and everything in between.

3. Your Short List is presented to you

An initial short list is presented to you with information on each property, links and photos, we then discuss each one.

4. Physical Inspections

After discussing the shortlisted properties, we inspect on your behalf and report back, even after inspections, properties are often eliminated, as they do not appear to be as good in person, this at least saves wasting your time as you are only taken to inspected approved properties.

5. Negotiations

You have now seen the property and love it, this is one of the most important parts where Tracey’s sharp negotiation skills come into play to secure you the property at the absolute best price possible.

6. Time to bring in other Professionals

Once negotiations have been agreed, other professionals need bringing in, pest & building, solicitor, strata search company, etc., all this is urgently arranged for the same day, as we may be in a race with another party and the contract may need to go unconditional that day, which is very common, the race is on and Tracey will win it.  Although we organise strata reports,  pest/building reports, one obtained, these are passed onto your solicitor for legal advice, we do not give advice on the actual reports themselves.

7. Pre-Settlement Inspection

On the morning of settlement, Tracey will attend this pre settlement inspection with or without you, then report back to the solicitor that everything is ok and the property has been vacated, no damage, no fire etc., in preparation for settlement – if an investment property, the best property manager is informed and Tracey keeps an eye on the campaign until a tenant moves in.